Wednesday, December 30

ATTN: Lovers of Books & Independent Music

So I just got some insider information that Barnes & Noble is giving 10 free music downloads with every purchase of a textbook. (purchase 3 books = 30 downloads) Ends Jan 30!

They are even offering free shipping for new textbooks + some books qualify for discounts! (up to 30% off new books & up to 90% off used books!) 

and the music you can select from to download is excellent.

Here is a list of the artists: Vampire Weekend, Neko Case, Diane Birch, Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, Gossip, Devendra Banhart, Tegan and Sara, Swell Season, Tom Waits, Alec Ounsworth, Mayer Hawthorne, Polly Scattergood, Amanda Blank, White Denim, Black Lips, Au Revoir Simone, The Raveonettes, Cage, King Khan and the Shrines, Temper Trap, White Rabbits, Cage the Elephant, Jonah Sees In Color, Metric, Avett Brothers, Wale, Chester French, Built To Spill, Fanfarlo, Brandi Carlile 

Some of these I have actually not heard of but I think I will look them up on and check them out

Some of my favorites from the list are Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, and some select songs by Au Revoir Simone, Metric, and White Rabbits 


listen to this lovely song by au revoir simone

Monday, December 21


I'll start off by saying though this post is starting off on a negative note, it will divert and end in a positive one. 

Never have I known (or wanted to know) how easy it can be to shoplift. People are devious and cunning when it comes to stealing. They think they are clever and creative but retailers already know and have figured out all of their schemes. Unfortunately, corporate retail requires sufficient proof seen by a manager to accuse. 

Sometimes it's who you expect and other times they smile innocently and make you think twice. I understand the holidays and all days currently for most people are rough and tight, but just get a grip and GET A JOB! earn your own money.

I swear I could tell you story after story of people who have known to shoplift but most of the time we can't accuse them and can't catch them.  MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. seriously. 

A few finds I have a crush on... 




•Free $10 gift card with $100 purchase (exp 12/22, card will come within 2 weeks shipped sep, card will not appear in checkout, US only, web only)

and don't forget my 25% of all merch this month special at nifty thrifty owl! 
happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 9

You May Like To Know...

Just a few things you may find intriguing.

ONE a site worth checking out > < you will find lots of FREE downloads to some of the best independent musicians. you can search or browse. Warning: It can become quite addictive! 

TWO I am offering 25% off of everything in my shop! I just haven't had the time to keep up with it and it's the holidays so... discount applies all of December! Please mention the discount in order to apply. Discount is a partial refund that takes place via paypal after payment is complete. Join the mailing list to find an even further discount you could receive! There is a form to the right of this page you can fill out. 

THREE Roscoe has already grown 4 inches (height of back) since we've had him! He is also my bug hunting hero! I hate bugs and he smells for them, bats at them with his paw and kills them! Here is a fairly current photo of him playing in his blanket! 

(excuse the weirdness of this post's formatting... i don't know why but it put html around each individual letter! and i do not have the time to fix that!) 

P.S. Once again! Shopping Online Saves! Urban Outfitters offers> Enter OHJOY and get Free Shipping on orders over $75! CLICK THRU

Monday, November 30

Urban Outfitters Promos: Get 'Em Thru THESE LINKS!


One Day Only - Take $15 Off Orders of $100 or More

available through this link!

(Some Restrictions apply. This promo code CAN be used multiple times. This promo cannot be combined with any other offer.  Web Only.  Excludes Bikes, furniture and electronics.)

20% Off Orders of $100 or More
Coupon Code:  GIFTED

available through this link!
CODE ONLY WORKS: 12/1/09 - 12/15/09
(Some Restrictions apply. This promo code CAN be used multiple times. This promo cannot be combined with any other offer.  Web Only.  Excludes Bikes, furniture and electronics.)

*i am a google affiliate with uo and find out promos first hand to share with others. 

    Monday, November 23

    Mid Century Modern Furniture: LOUNGE CHAIRS

    I've been missing the blogging world so I've worked hard to put time in here and there to finally create this post! 

    I'm in love with all of these chairs. I really enjoy the contrast in aesthetics from classic to unique to bold to simplicity.

    click picture to view bigger

    Here are the links to the chairs.
    Yellow Danish Teak Chair    Red Parlour    Blue Wombat Chair   Leather Sleeper    Cream Bird Chair    Charcoal Rocker   Poppa Bear Chair     Eames Recliner  Wood Lounge    Yellow Diamond Chair 

    AND I've thought of an interesting poll to take.  There are no two chicken strips alike from two different restaurants. 
    So which fast food restaurant has the best chicken strips? (chicken STRIPS, not nuggets) 

    Free Shipping on orders $75 or more. Enter Freebird in coupon code field. click through THIS LINK!!! >>> CLICKTHRU (expires 11/30)

    Tuesday, October 27

    puppies take up so much time!

    What I have NOT been able to do since all of my time goes into my puppy

    *Do my own laundry because I'm washing the towels I've used to clean up his mess. 
    *Take pictures or list anything for my online shop. 
    *Spend true alone time with my hubby. 
    *Have a scratch free hand and arm. (he loves to play...)
    *Really clean my house. 
    *Create this blog post in one sitting. 

    BUT it's all worth it. Roscoe is loving, so cute and quick to learn.  He already knows how to sit, lie down, shake and roll over! (though, also... quite the A.D.D. pup)
    and why it is extremely hard to take a picture of him lately that is not blurry...

    Something I'm sad to say that I've been seeing every day: A car wreck. 

    OH & ALSO I just got a part time sales associate position at Urban Outfitters in the French Quarter! 
    Take Note of this sweet deal:
     $10 Off orders of $75 or more using code URBANLEGEND (ends Nov 1)
    I don't know how all of my profit is not going to go right back in to that store... 

    Things I want right now

    Thanks to those who have participated in my polls. I suppose they will remain extremely inaccurate until I get more readers and voters. ;-) but they are still fun! 

    Monday, October 19

    Mad Men Style. Your Favorite Color. My Puppy.

    click click click ! click click click
    Banana Republic & Mad Men team up to provide great vintage modern styles! Click the big exclamation point. There you will see fashion for women and men!
    I am currently in love with Banana Republic's line!
    60s. Classic. Modern. Vintage.   
    Quality. Versatile. Chic. 

    Don't forget about your favorite color poll to the right! >>>
    Will the warm or cool colors win? 

    OUR Puppy! We got a miniature Australian Shepherd. We found a great deal on him because he was 10 weeks old. He is so pretty and soft and such a good dog. His name is Roscoe!

    Thursday, October 15


    Many things in my life are on PAUSE right now.

    So, in these things I've been a bit M.I.A. - including my online store, blogging, and things of that nature.

    But the good thing is I have some great opportunities. No final decisions yet. But huge life changes are coming.
    So fortunately, yet unfortunately, I will continue to be a bit M.I.A. for a little while longer...

    But no worries, I will be back. 

    What's your favorite color? Take the poll to the right! 
    Mine is Teal.  
    Last poll: Sour Apple won over Grape  9-3

    Friday, October 9

    Mid-Century Modern Furniture: SIDE TABLES

    Side. Night. Accent. Nesting.

     Authentic Vintage:

    WHERE TO FIND THEM: (click pic to make larger)

    Top Left.    Top Center.    Top Right.
    Middle Left.        Middle Right.
    Bottom Left.       Bottom Center.
    Bottom Right.

    Today's Remakes: 

    WHERE TO FIND THEM: (click pic to make larger)

     Top Left.         Top Center.        Top Right. 
    Middle Left.   Middle Center.    Middle Right.
    Bottom Left.   Bottom Center.   Bottom Right. 

    So, yeah, I love interior decorating. 
    Don't think I could be one for other people though. 
    I'm too picky with my own taste! 

    Have any favorites of the pics I shared? 
    Any you would like to share? Sites? Pics?

    Monday, October 5

    Candy. A Secret. Time. A Puppy.

    FYI the Midcentury Modern Furniture posts continue, but I like to do random posts in between series. :-)

    Perhaps you have already, or are about to NOTICE the poll I have on the right side of my page. It asks the?, "if you had to choose between sour apple or grape flavored candy, which would you choose?

    I prefer Grape, personally. BUT my husband prefers sour apple. 

    See, grape nor sour apple is either of our favorites. I mean, usually, everyone's first choice would be strawberry, cherry, or watermelon. So, the question intrigues interesting results. I've polled people at work, and it's fun to watch people think about it. Sometimes it's  instant; sometimes they have to think about it. Sometimes they hate both so much; they cannot answer. 

    to folding FITTED sheets? 

    Mine end up looking like some misconstrued blob. 
    I guess they require extra patience. But who has time for that? 

    I HATE TIME.  (but I do love this CLOCK
    Things always end up taking longer than you planned.
    And somehow, you run out of time.
    If time was for sale, I'm sure I could not afford it. 

    We've decided that we want a Mini Australian Shepherd.
    One Day. 

    Aren't they so beautiful!? 
    (this is just a few of many google images i've been perusing through)

    They are bred smaller to do well in apartments, but still need lots of exercise.  We will be in shape! BUT sadly, It will be six months or more before we can afford one. I hope we are blessed to find one to rescue from a nearby pound. (& a redhead would fit in with the family...)

    Thursday, October 1

    I'm Smitten With MIDCENTURY MODERN

    Oh boy! Is how I feel when I see vintage modern furniture. The more I look, the more I fall in LOVE. Here are some Iconic pieces of the era to COVET, Kindle Memories, or CONSIDER For Purchase. FIRST: LIGHTING Desk. Table. Floor. Pendant. Wall. Where to Find Them TOP LEFT TOP RIGHT BOTTOM LEFT BOTTOM CENTER LEFT BOTTOM CENTER RIGHT BOTTOM RIGHT HERE ARE SOME REMAKES OF THE ERA Where To Find Them Top Left Top Center Top Right Middle Left Middle Center Left Middle Center Right Middle Right Bottom Left Bottom Center Left Bottom Center Right Bottom Right Tip: "Contemporary" does not always mean modern. "Modern" does not always mean Midcentury Modern. Keep that in mind when looking for the style. This is my first post of this series. I will also feature side tables, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, dining, storage, kitchen, clocks and misc. decor.

    Friday, September 25

    New ITEMS THIS Week!

    Click Image to View Bigger.

    Tuesday, September 22

    The Worst & Most Hated Typeface Of All

    So this is my last post on fonts.

    I consider this the worst, and most overused, abused ugly, terrible font known to mankind.

    Truly causes nausea.

    So there it is.

    A Quick History.
    Made by Chris Costello, Papyrus was designed to mock what writing would have looked like on papyrus (paper) 2000 years ago in Egypt. In 2007, even Chris Costello agreed it had been overused. People tend to choose it because it has a distressed, old look, while overlooking its terrible letter shapes, its illegibility, and Egyptian characteristics.

    Perhaps the following photos will get you in the mood for hating this terrible typeface.
    a few of these may be familiar.

    Doesn't really look like a hip place to hang out. A bit Egyptian and 90s looking for my taste in coffee shops...

    The following are pictures that my husband and I took around town in search for the notorious Papyrus.

    I don't think this restaurant serves Egyptian food.

    Another restaurant chooses Papyrus.

    I doubt they have books dating back to 2000 years ago.

    I looked in the window. They don't even sell vintage-inspired clothing. So, it wasn't because it's distressed...

    Seriously. I can barely look at it anymore.

    I've really lost respect for any business that makes this choice.

    Here, you see, the fate of those who choose this font.

    I'll admit I am a bit close-minded on the issue.

    I wouldn't want to get my hair cut here. I think it might appear outdated.

    HERE You can find a website with even more Papyrus sitings. The website is actually devoted to watching for, finding and documenting Papyrus. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

    Just for fun, look around for this font in your local city. You will be surprised how often it creeps up.

    Friday, September 18

    New ITEMS on Nifty Thrifty Owl!

    Newly listed items in Jewelry, Accessories, and Housewares. Check it out!
    Next week look forward to Vintage Shoes, Fabric Bracelets, and More!
    On a Side Note

    One day, probably not sooner than later (unfortunately), we will be launching our own personal website. We have also been pondering changing the name. Nifty Thrifty Owl describes some our merch but it also puts us in a box. And we want to be able to expand. Re-branding can be kind of scary since it takes so long for your name to get known... But it's a good idea, no?

    Wednesday, September 16

    Deal or No Deal?

    No, I'm not talking about that old game show...
    I recently discovered this website where you can get amazing deals on really expensive top designer brands. (Sometimes getting better quality is a better investment. If you can afford such an investment.) Granted, even the sales can be unaffordable. BUT every now and then, items are marked down like 75% and it may or may not still be a splurge but a worth it splurge for better quality.
    I've seen amazing deals on Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Frye, Dolce & Gabbana, Smashbox and much much more. It covers jewelry, shoes, clothing, accessories... for Women & Men.
    mod designs
    woo me...
    Smash Box is a palette of beauty...
    These Frye Sandals were marked
    down from $148 to $44!
    GO >>> HERE <<< & CHECK IT OUT
    Membership to the website is free.
    Only members know about the deals.
    Deals sell out fast and only last for 36 hours.
    So what do you think? Deal or No Deal?

    It's a Handmade Revolution


    Alison & Jesse

    Alison & Jesse