Friday, May 22

Finally, I now have a blog!

Ok, so, don't currently have much time to keep up with it very well, but that will change soon! My dreams for my business, Nifty Thrifty Owl have barely begun! With school and then right after graduating, now... planning a wedding, I have had such little time to put in what this company needs. BUT - in 3-4 months... I hope to have my own personal website- - along with a line of numerous other types of things- we will have a larger selection and more of a variety! From Handmade to Vintage - for Women, Men & your Home! I'm very excited! My fiance is my partner in this business, though I am the main brain behind it all. He will also have a job as a graphic designer, where as I will be doing this full time. Check out his website @ We are getting married June 7! 16 DAYS! That's all for now. - Alison

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Alison & Jesse