Monday, May 25

Why an Owl?

Nifty Thrifty Owl actually started out as my ebay username several years ago. I came up with Nifty Thrifty but it was taken and then I just tacked owl on there because I love them! (Then when I opened up my etsy shop , that's the name I ended up sticking with.) The funny thing is that my owl collecting just happened naturally. First off, I love birds of all types. (I actually have a pet parrot. That's an illustration I did of him below and to the right. and yes he is full grown!) But an owl... well that's the ultimate vintage bird. They are everywhere! A very popular theme from the 60s/ 70s for sure! They are just so aesthetically beautiful as decoration. The only thing I don't like is that they eat other birds. But I don't keep any real owls around, so my parrot is okay. Another interesting tidbit is that my mom actually collected owls when she was my age (in the 70s) but I actually didn't know this until my collecting had already begun! ... All it takes is buying more than one of something, then, someone sees that you like that and you will get gifts of that "thing" for life! It's the easy thoughtful cop out. But not always a bad thing. (i've gotten some pretty cool owls as gifts) Except that some people start referring to you as obsessed. I'm not, honest! ;-) One last thing to share: THIS IS CUTEST BABY OWL EVER! (google image i found)

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