Sunday, July 19


Just a few things that have been catching my eye lately... I LOVE PLAID! and these sneakers look so comfy yet so cool.
I found these on etsy at Old Baltimore Vintage. Check out this hot dress! You can't go wrong with black, lace and a one of kind vintage style! What a find! I found this on etsy at Ramona West Vintage.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I am in love with this chair from Urban Outfitters! As soon as funds come in we are getting this for our living room! <<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lastly- I found this adorable basic denim skirt at She Hearts Vintage. They were nice to publish one of our books in their blog. I was browsing through their finds and this skirt will give someone lots of use and versatility! View it up close! CLICK That's it for now.

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