Monday, August 31

A Few Random Thoughts

(The next font bashing will come next post.)
Pops of red are great in fashion. THOUGH it's probably not the best idea to wear these "pops" of red if you have any reddish blemishes that day. Otherwise your red blemish(es) will shout out to strangers on the street, "hey, look! I'm red too! See how my red shirt brings me out?"
A VIDEO WORTH SHARING: (if you like pixar)
Does this happen to anyone else? OFTEN when I am leaving a message on someone's voicemail the automated lady voice will cut me off half way through, "MESSAGE ERASED." Ok, seriously. Great. I'll hang up and try again? OR I'm checking my messages and I want to listen to a message again and when I press "1" to repeat... it repeats it half way through. Ok. What I wanted to hear was the beginning. "1"... Ok, I give up. I'll hang up and try again. Crap.
A SONG WORTH HEARING: (if you like flapper music)
The Boswell Sisters
A note on New Orleans' Driving:
You have two choices.
a) drive crazy, cut people off, run red lights, speed, make rash decisions and it's condoned.
b) drive by the law, use common logic of safety, be cautious in high traffic areas and you will get an impatient horn and/or the finger.

Monday, August 24

You Can Make the World a Better Place By NOT USING BAD TYPEFACES and encouraging others to do the same #1

What was once created with a purpose has been overused, misused, and now creates disgust among mankind. This is the beginning of a series where I will address typefaces that we are taught in Graphic Design schooling to avoid for various reasons. Even non-graphic-designers can be taught these simple principles. BAD TYPEFACE #1 A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY Trajan was designed in 1989 by Carol Twombly for Adobe. The design is inspired by Roman Square Capitals that were inscribed at the base of Trajan's Column. Trajan was the Roman Emperor of that time. (Thus, how it got its name). This typeface could have been used correctly for Roman movies. Or other purposes similar. But now it is so overused, so recognized that people don't see it for what it was intended. It doesn't match the tone of most of its uses today. It's the default movie font and its making us sick! Watch This Film. So what do you think? Think Trajan should be used for a Comedy? A Romantic Drama set in Paris? A suspense thriller? What about a Roman Epic? NO. IT IS TOO OVERUSED AND HAS LOST ITS CHANCE FOR RESPECT. I END WITH THIS... WHICH IS BETTER??? THIS? OR THIS? thank you for your insight

Thursday, August 20

Cute & Maybe Fuzzy Things

The following pictures are of random but some of my favorite pics of baby animals that you look at and something in you cannot help but go "awwwww" or "what!?" and this goes for guys too! They pretend not to be affected at times but they like cute animals too. I promise you. (DISCLAIMER: I don't remember where I got these pictures but these are all ones that I have found online, not taken myself. I apologize for any lack of crediting.) ^ very fuzzy ^ ^ not so fuzzy ^ ^ hello! ^ ^ i need to munch on a nut ^ ^ i look fake, but i am real ^

Thursday, August 13

Do you really KNOW what you are EATING?

This isn't about how the industry is treating animals. This isn't about how you shouldn't eat meat. This isn't about how organic is the only good food. This is about knowing what you are eating. This is about how what you eat effects your health. This is about that what your "food" (meat or veggie) eats is also what you are eating. "The industry doesn't want us to know the truth about what we are eating... Because if we knew, we might not want to eat it." Official Trailer CLICK HERE ACTUAL CLIP FROM "FOOD, INC"

Sunday, August 9


We just moved to New Orleans (Metairie to be exact, but it's 10 min from the city) Moving can be fun but draining! Right now we/I/he is/are waiting on - - - - - - - - - *our funky new couch being delivered via truck in 2-3 weeks - meanwhile currently reclining in chairs or floor cushions *nifty thirfty owl shop! :-( i can't get to my sewing machine much less define a space for photography and uploading new items... alas... i take a deep breath and must wait. *more cool/vintage/mid-century furniture, lamp, clock, decor... to stock our home with... *mula. being recent college graduates = broke = moving to better more fun bigger city = more to do = no money to do anything with. we must wait. *he wants to be a famous designer. *i want to be a multi-tasking wonder. *he wants to build a side table, a book shelf, a shelving unit for my craft room... *i want to build a shop, boutique, art, a fashionista extravaganza! we must wait.

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Alison & Jesse