Monday, August 31

A Few Random Thoughts

(The next font bashing will come next post.)
Pops of red are great in fashion. THOUGH it's probably not the best idea to wear these "pops" of red if you have any reddish blemishes that day. Otherwise your red blemish(es) will shout out to strangers on the street, "hey, look! I'm red too! See how my red shirt brings me out?"
A VIDEO WORTH SHARING: (if you like pixar)
Does this happen to anyone else? OFTEN when I am leaving a message on someone's voicemail the automated lady voice will cut me off half way through, "MESSAGE ERASED." Ok, seriously. Great. I'll hang up and try again? OR I'm checking my messages and I want to listen to a message again and when I press "1" to repeat... it repeats it half way through. Ok. What I wanted to hear was the beginning. "1"... Ok, I give up. I'll hang up and try again. Crap.
A SONG WORTH HEARING: (if you like flapper music)
The Boswell Sisters
A note on New Orleans' Driving:
You have two choices.
a) drive crazy, cut people off, run red lights, speed, make rash decisions and it's condoned.
b) drive by the law, use common logic of safety, be cautious in high traffic areas and you will get an impatient horn and/or the finger.

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