Sunday, August 9


We just moved to New Orleans (Metairie to be exact, but it's 10 min from the city) Moving can be fun but draining! Right now we/I/he is/are waiting on - - - - - - - - - *our funky new couch being delivered via truck in 2-3 weeks - meanwhile currently reclining in chairs or floor cushions *nifty thirfty owl shop! :-( i can't get to my sewing machine much less define a space for photography and uploading new items... alas... i take a deep breath and must wait. *more cool/vintage/mid-century furniture, lamp, clock, decor... to stock our home with... *mula. being recent college graduates = broke = moving to better more fun bigger city = more to do = no money to do anything with. we must wait. *he wants to be a famous designer. *i want to be a multi-tasking wonder. *he wants to build a side table, a book shelf, a shelving unit for my craft room... *i want to build a shop, boutique, art, a fashionista extravaganza! we must wait.

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