Friday, September 25


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Tuesday, September 22

The Worst & Most Hated Typeface Of All

So this is my last post on fonts.

I consider this the worst, and most overused, abused ugly, terrible font known to mankind.

Truly causes nausea.

So there it is.

A Quick History.
Made by Chris Costello, Papyrus was designed to mock what writing would have looked like on papyrus (paper) 2000 years ago in Egypt. In 2007, even Chris Costello agreed it had been overused. People tend to choose it because it has a distressed, old look, while overlooking its terrible letter shapes, its illegibility, and Egyptian characteristics.

Perhaps the following photos will get you in the mood for hating this terrible typeface.
a few of these may be familiar.

Doesn't really look like a hip place to hang out. A bit Egyptian and 90s looking for my taste in coffee shops...

The following are pictures that my husband and I took around town in search for the notorious Papyrus.

I don't think this restaurant serves Egyptian food.

Another restaurant chooses Papyrus.

I doubt they have books dating back to 2000 years ago.

I looked in the window. They don't even sell vintage-inspired clothing. So, it wasn't because it's distressed...

Seriously. I can barely look at it anymore.

I've really lost respect for any business that makes this choice.

Here, you see, the fate of those who choose this font.

I'll admit I am a bit close-minded on the issue.

I wouldn't want to get my hair cut here. I think it might appear outdated.

HERE You can find a website with even more Papyrus sitings. The website is actually devoted to watching for, finding and documenting Papyrus. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

Just for fun, look around for this font in your local city. You will be surprised how often it creeps up.

Friday, September 18

New ITEMS on Nifty Thrifty Owl!

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On a Side Note

One day, probably not sooner than later (unfortunately), we will be launching our own personal website. We have also been pondering changing the name. Nifty Thrifty Owl describes some our merch but it also puts us in a box. And we want to be able to expand. Re-branding can be kind of scary since it takes so long for your name to get known... But it's a good idea, no?

Wednesday, September 16

Deal or No Deal?

No, I'm not talking about that old game show...
I recently discovered this website where you can get amazing deals on really expensive top designer brands. (Sometimes getting better quality is a better investment. If you can afford such an investment.) Granted, even the sales can be unaffordable. BUT every now and then, items are marked down like 75% and it may or may not still be a splurge but a worth it splurge for better quality.
I've seen amazing deals on Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Frye, Dolce & Gabbana, Smashbox and much much more. It covers jewelry, shoes, clothing, accessories... for Women & Men.
mod designs
woo me...
Smash Box is a palette of beauty...
These Frye Sandals were marked
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So what do you think? Deal or No Deal?

Saturday, September 12

Fonts Fonts Fonts: I'm almost done with this.

This is my 2nd to last post about fonts I'm sick of.
I'm saving the worst for last.
I'm actually going to breeze over all of the other ones I want to mention.
This video about COOPER BLACK is kind of long, but really funny. >> WATCH IT << <<

Thursday, September 10

NEW ITEMS on Nifty Thrifty Owl!

Just in case you're interested...
new items have been listed in the jewelry and hair accessory sections of our shop!
and more items will continue to come in the other sections...
vintage clothing for men and women
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etc etc etc...
watchya think?
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Thursday, September 3

Bad Font/Overused Font Reality #2

The deal is... that a font can CREATE, GUIDE, INSPIRE, DESTROY, ALTER, TRANSFORM, etc. the tone of anything and everything.

Some fonts are great for body text. Some are NOT. Some fonts are great for headlines. Some are NOT. Some have a very specific, intended purpose that others mistake for "fun and different" yet so many have this same idea that it becomes UGLY and BORING and CONFUSING and UNORIGINAL.

The first font I talked about was Trajan, the overused movie font.

The next font I will discuss is COMIC SANS.

Now the titles of these fonts, often give a hint on how it was supposed to be used when created.

Comic Sans. Perhaps for COMICS???

In other uses other than comics, it creates a tone of IMMATURITY, ELEMENTARY, UNEDUCATED. Of course, now it has also been overused to the point that it is BORING, UGLY, CONFUSING, UNORIGINAL.

"It is classified as a casual, non-connecting script, and was designed to imitate comic book lettering, for use in informal documents. The typeface has been supplied with Microsoft Windows since the introduction of Windows 95, initially as a supplemental font in the Windows Plus Pack. The font's widespread use, often in inappropriate situations, has been criticized." - Wikipedia

Windows 95???
SO ALSO- Can I Say OUTDATED??? If fashion gets outdated... shouldn't fonts? Why are we still using these DEFAULT/OUTDATED FONTS??? (i guess the same reason some of us are still wearing outdated fashion...) 

How do the following pictures make you feel?


It's a Handmade Revolution


Alison & Jesse

Alison & Jesse