Thursday, September 3

Bad Font/Overused Font Reality #2

The deal is... that a font can CREATE, GUIDE, INSPIRE, DESTROY, ALTER, TRANSFORM, etc. the tone of anything and everything.

Some fonts are great for body text. Some are NOT. Some fonts are great for headlines. Some are NOT. Some have a very specific, intended purpose that others mistake for "fun and different" yet so many have this same idea that it becomes UGLY and BORING and CONFUSING and UNORIGINAL.

The first font I talked about was Trajan, the overused movie font.

The next font I will discuss is COMIC SANS.

Now the titles of these fonts, often give a hint on how it was supposed to be used when created.

Comic Sans. Perhaps for COMICS???

In other uses other than comics, it creates a tone of IMMATURITY, ELEMENTARY, UNEDUCATED. Of course, now it has also been overused to the point that it is BORING, UGLY, CONFUSING, UNORIGINAL.

"It is classified as a casual, non-connecting script, and was designed to imitate comic book lettering, for use in informal documents. The typeface has been supplied with Microsoft Windows since the introduction of Windows 95, initially as a supplemental font in the Windows Plus Pack. The font's widespread use, often in inappropriate situations, has been criticized." - Wikipedia

Windows 95???
SO ALSO- Can I Say OUTDATED??? If fashion gets outdated... shouldn't fonts? Why are we still using these DEFAULT/OUTDATED FONTS??? (i guess the same reason some of us are still wearing outdated fashion...) 

How do the following pictures make you feel?


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