Monday, October 5

Candy. A Secret. Time. A Puppy.

FYI the Midcentury Modern Furniture posts continue, but I like to do random posts in between series. :-)

Perhaps you have already, or are about to NOTICE the poll I have on the right side of my page. It asks the?, "if you had to choose between sour apple or grape flavored candy, which would you choose?

I prefer Grape, personally. BUT my husband prefers sour apple. 

See, grape nor sour apple is either of our favorites. I mean, usually, everyone's first choice would be strawberry, cherry, or watermelon. So, the question intrigues interesting results. I've polled people at work, and it's fun to watch people think about it. Sometimes it's  instant; sometimes they have to think about it. Sometimes they hate both so much; they cannot answer. 

to folding FITTED sheets? 

Mine end up looking like some misconstrued blob. 
I guess they require extra patience. But who has time for that? 

I HATE TIME.  (but I do love this CLOCK
Things always end up taking longer than you planned.
And somehow, you run out of time.
If time was for sale, I'm sure I could not afford it. 

We've decided that we want a Mini Australian Shepherd.
One Day. 

Aren't they so beautiful!? 
(this is just a few of many google images i've been perusing through)

They are bred smaller to do well in apartments, but still need lots of exercise.  We will be in shape! BUT sadly, It will be six months or more before we can afford one. I hope we are blessed to find one to rescue from a nearby pound. (& a redhead would fit in with the family...)


  1. Jann knew the secret to folding fitted sheets. She showed me once, but I forgot.

    Oh, and strawberry is my SECOND favorite candy flavor, right behind sour apple. =)

  2. Oh my goodness those dogs are so cute!

    Grape is better than apple I think, but watermelon is the best haha :)

  3. I voted for green apple :) but honestly I think my fave is Peach. And I'm really bad at folding fitted sheets, usually just sort of ball them up in a sort of square... so it looks proper but it's not. ANd that puppy is ADORABLE. I want one too now.

    I am now officially a 'follower' by the way! Such a fun blog.

  4. I LOVE these dogs.. their eyes are amazing. Saw one at a pet store once. couldn't stop looking at it!

  5. i'm one of those people who didn't even have to think of my answer. the grape flavored candies are the only ones i don't eat! haha!

  6. I choose green apple :P
    But my favorite taste has to be watermelon when it comes to both candy and fruits.
    I like your blog! :)

  7. Martha Stewart actually has a tutorial on folding fitted sheets, and i feel slightly embarrassed that i know about it...but here it is:
    Real Simple: How to Fold Fitted Sheets
    Hope this helps!

    p.s. i would go for grape!

  8. Had no idea that was an animal collective song!! Thank you!! I'm searching for it now... hope you've had a wonderful Thursday and wishing you a spectacular Friday :) I'm a fan of Fridays!

  9. A puppy! Oh YES! They bring such joy!


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