Thursday, October 1


Oh boy! Is how I feel when I see vintage modern furniture. The more I look, the more I fall in LOVE. Here are some Iconic pieces of the era to COVET, Kindle Memories, or CONSIDER For Purchase. FIRST: LIGHTING Desk. Table. Floor. Pendant. Wall. Where to Find Them TOP LEFT TOP RIGHT BOTTOM LEFT BOTTOM CENTER LEFT BOTTOM CENTER RIGHT BOTTOM RIGHT HERE ARE SOME REMAKES OF THE ERA Where To Find Them Top Left Top Center Top Right Middle Left Middle Center Left Middle Center Right Middle Right Bottom Left Bottom Center Left Bottom Center Right Bottom Right Tip: "Contemporary" does not always mean modern. "Modern" does not always mean Midcentury Modern. Keep that in mind when looking for the style. This is my first post of this series. I will also feature side tables, coffee tables, chairs, sofas, dining, storage, kitchen, clocks and misc. decor.

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  1. Thanks so much! That made my night.
    I love your blog, too, and am excited to see what's to come!


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