Monday, October 19

Mad Men Style. Your Favorite Color. My Puppy.

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Banana Republic & Mad Men team up to provide great vintage modern styles! Click the big exclamation point. There you will see fashion for women and men!
I am currently in love with Banana Republic's line!
60s. Classic. Modern. Vintage.   
Quality. Versatile. Chic. 

Don't forget about your favorite color poll to the right! >>>
Will the warm or cool colors win? 

OUR Puppy! We got a miniature Australian Shepherd. We found a great deal on him because he was 10 weeks old. He is so pretty and soft and such a good dog. His name is Roscoe!


  1. I JUST watched Mad Men for the first time this weekend. I don't know if I like the show as much as I enjoy seeing the style. The Banana Republic stuff looks really neat! And your puppy is adorable!

  2. Your puppy is ADORABLE!! Congratulations!! :)

    Also, I love the new Banana Republic line. Vintage-chic is such a fantastic look!

  3. OH MY GOD THAT PUPPY!!! He's just too cute, so fluffy and adorable......

    BTW, I'm a huge fan of Mad Men. Best show ever.


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