Thursday, October 15


Many things in my life are on PAUSE right now.

So, in these things I've been a bit M.I.A. - including my online store, blogging, and things of that nature.

But the good thing is I have some great opportunities. No final decisions yet. But huge life changes are coming.
So fortunately, yet unfortunately, I will continue to be a bit M.I.A. for a little while longer...

But no worries, I will be back. 

What's your favorite color? Take the poll to the right! 
Mine is Teal.  
Last poll: Sour Apple won over Grape  9-3


  1. Sending wishes for good all things new♥

    Will miss your posts :)

    I voted for the Red family, hands-down!!

  2. Thanks Gabbi!

    1st new change = new puppy!
    look forward to pics soon!


  3. omgosh.... there's nothing cuter than a puppy. Mind you I have a cat, but puppies are adorable! Puppy breath. :) ♥

  4. Come back soon...

    I can't wait to see some puppy pics!


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