Tuesday, October 27

puppies take up so much time!

What I have NOT been able to do since all of my time goes into my puppy

*Do my own laundry because I'm washing the towels I've used to clean up his mess. 
*Take pictures or list anything for my online shop. 
*Spend true alone time with my hubby. 
*Have a scratch free hand and arm. (he loves to play...)
*Really clean my house. 
*Create this blog post in one sitting. 

BUT it's all worth it. Roscoe is loving, so cute and quick to learn.  He already knows how to sit, lie down, shake and roll over! (though, also... quite the A.D.D. pup)
and why it is extremely hard to take a picture of him lately that is not blurry...

Something I'm sad to say that I've been seeing every day: A car wreck. 

OH & ALSO I just got a part time sales associate position at Urban Outfitters in the French Quarter! 
Take Note of this sweet deal:
 $10 Off orders of $75 or more using code URBANLEGEND (ends Nov 1)
I don't know how all of my profit is not going to go right back in to that store... 

Things I want right now

Thanks to those who have participated in my polls. I suppose they will remain extremely inaccurate until I get more readers and voters. ;-) but they are still fun! 


  1. congrats on your job! I'm jealous! Oh, and I remember constantly washing loads and loads of towels when we first got Libby, and wondering if I was every going to have time to do my homework again! I would have to wait for Lyle to get home from work to take over doggie duty so I could get anything done! Miss you friend!

  2. I so love the puppies name. Hopefully, he'll get better.

    cass and cady - http://csats.blogspot.com/

  3. Allison, I just bought one of your cozy wallet things...You have the coolest stuff ever

  4. Lovely blog! I've hearted your Etsy shop for a while now. I own two of your handmade braided vintage fabric hair wraps, & a vintage blouse from your shop. I live in Prairieville about 45 minuets from New Orleans just outside of Baton Rouge. UO would be a fun place to work!

  5. Your puppy is adorable!! My good friend just got one also and I had such a hard time photographing her the other day... she's so energized... all I got was cute little blurs. :)


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