Monday, November 23

Mid Century Modern Furniture: LOUNGE CHAIRS

I've been missing the blogging world so I've worked hard to put time in here and there to finally create this post! 

I'm in love with all of these chairs. I really enjoy the contrast in aesthetics from classic to unique to bold to simplicity.

click picture to view bigger

Here are the links to the chairs.
Yellow Danish Teak Chair    Red Parlour    Blue Wombat Chair   Leather Sleeper    Cream Bird Chair    Charcoal Rocker   Poppa Bear Chair     Eames Recliner  Wood Lounge    Yellow Diamond Chair 

AND I've thought of an interesting poll to take.  There are no two chicken strips alike from two different restaurants. 
So which fast food restaurant has the best chicken strips? (chicken STRIPS, not nuggets) 

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  1. ohhh I love the yellow danish teak chair! I definitely love mixing styles...I think the contrast adds character!

  2. What gorgeous chairs... I have to say my fave, the one I wish wish I had here in my living room is (like Leproust) the 'Yellow Danish Teak Chair'. Looks wonderfully comfy and pretty.

    I wanted to take the strip poll but I really don't eat them very often. The closest I get is the nuggets at Mickey's? :)

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