Wednesday, December 9

You May Like To Know...

Just a few things you may find intriguing.

ONE a site worth checking out > < you will find lots of FREE downloads to some of the best independent musicians. you can search or browse. Warning: It can become quite addictive! 

TWO I am offering 25% off of everything in my shop! I just haven't had the time to keep up with it and it's the holidays so... discount applies all of December! Please mention the discount in order to apply. Discount is a partial refund that takes place via paypal after payment is complete. Join the mailing list to find an even further discount you could receive! There is a form to the right of this page you can fill out. 

THREE Roscoe has already grown 4 inches (height of back) since we've had him! He is also my bug hunting hero! I hate bugs and he smells for them, bats at them with his paw and kills them! Here is a fairly current photo of him playing in his blanket! 

(excuse the weirdness of this post's formatting... i don't know why but it put html around each individual letter! and i do not have the time to fix that!) 

P.S. Once again! Shopping Online Saves! Urban Outfitters offers> Enter OHJOY and get Free Shipping on orders over $75! CLICK THRU

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