Friday, January 8

broke? bored? advice? a song.

pinching pennies? don't want to waste left over kitchen supply? 
in what you already have 
and see what you can make! 
less trips to the store and 
less stuff sitting around in your kitchen not getting used

I did this because I have eggs, flour, butter, and cream cheese and I wanted to make something without having to buy more stuff. I searched and found this! 
I'm going to make these German Pancakes and then make a vanilla cream cheese icing to put on top! yum! 

RANDOM fun...
Play a GAME << click
IS this the name of a FONT or a type of CHEESE

SO... I've been wanting to open up another shop. One that is for more chic, intricate, handmade things. I've done lots of brainstorming and thought of the name PAR LES MAINS (yesterday) which is French for by the hands. I want to keep my shop, Nifty Thrifty Owl, but maybe have that be a line of just vintage finds, maybe minor alterations, and kitschy simple creations. So it will be lower prices and the other shop would be more labor induced, more expensive supplies, and more intricate designs, so higher prices. What do you think of the name idea?

SWEET DEAL of the week! click >> Urban Outfitters basic PE Cardigans are now $29! 

A Song to Share 

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